In Memoriam

Westcon would like to acknowledge the
following members who have passed away,
not before contributing valuable time and
insight not only to the organization but to the
construction industry at large:

Clay McCullough, Founder of Westcon
Bob Bachelor, Architect
Eric Fresh, Architect
John Griffith, Special Master
Glenn Strong, Construction Consultant
Ab Thiessen, Consultant
John Ward, General Contractor
Gene Webster, Roofing Consultant
Mark Noe, Consultant
Eric Benner, Consultant
Remo Patri, Architect
Dave Tweedie, Waterproofing Contractor
Bill Dost, Wood Science, and Technology
Don Thompson, General Contractor
Ken Sutton, Consultant
Jim Sappington, Consultant
Fred Field, Architect
Kathy Lightel, Consultant
John Schneider, Consultant
Joe Frazier, Consultant
Michael Warner, Consultant
Paul Saarman, General Contractor
Joseph Fraiser, Architect
Rod Tosetti, Electrical Consultant