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Westcon is a diverse community of professionals dedicated to the delivery of construction expertise and knowledge.

Westcon promotes high standards of professionalism, protects the general welfare of the construction industry, improves the practice of the professional construction consultant, and offers construction expertise and knowledge.
We meet regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area to promote learning and exchange knowledge.

What is a "Construction Consultant"?

Construction Consultants are licensed, registered or certified professionals with special expertise, skill or experience who advise a building project team on specific aspects of the project in design, construction, investigation or repair. Depending on the scope of the project the construction consultant may take the lead project team responsibility for planning and implementation of a particular project.

Categories of Construction Consultants & WESTCON

A building, structure or infrastructure project depends on a wide range of separate special areas of responsibility. These responsibilities are organized into the planning, designing, contracting, constructing, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the building project. Besides the design professionals e.g. architects and engineers, there are systems engineers, general contractors, specialty contractors, material suppliers, inspectors, attorneys and many others.

What is special about WESTCON?

WESTCON is a non-profit association of construction consultants representing a broad and in-depth range of expertise. Members of WESTCON include design professionals, such as architects, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers and mechanical engineers. WESTCON members include general contractors and specialty contractors for acoustics, concrete, electrical, plumbing, fenestration, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, foundations, drainage, painting and wall claddings among more. Support services are also representative in WESTCON with expertise for accounting, HOA and community management, inspection, building code specialists, construction management, owner representatives, cost estimating and material testing. 
WESTCON is also unique with decades of collective member knowledge with litigation support and expert witness experience for forensic investigating, reporting, testifying, repairing and preventing construction defects in California.

What is a "Construction Defect"?

A Construction Defect, as defined by California Jury Instructions: "Failure of the building or any building component to be erected in a reasonably workmanlike manner or to perform in the manner intended by the manufacturer or reasonably expected by the buyer, which proximately causes damage to the structure."
Construction defects are commonly thought of as the result of poor workmanship. But, construction defects can also broadly include design defects in the preparation of construction documents - plans and specifications, as well as including manufacturing, material, product or assembly defects built into a project.
Identifying and correcting construction defects often results in some form of dispute that may get resolved only through litigation. Construction consultants offer litigation support services in such construction disputes. WESTCON members are uniquely qualified in bringing their expertise for the prevention of construction defects when they are timely involved in design and construction projects.
 Many WESTCON members are active in design profession and construction industry organizations contributing their knowledge in the form of new standards, codes and best practices.

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We meet regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area to promote learning and exchange knowledge.